Erbil Maker Space Strengths Week

Day 3: Seeing Your Strength As A Strength Hello everyone and welcome to Day 3! Day 4: Your Strengths At Work Reminder: Every day this week our work is to find one new way to bring our Signature Strength to our personal and professional lives. Please message me if you don’t know what your Signature Strength is, or how to complete the daily task. Day 5: Eid Strengths Day 6: Creating Time & Space I know how hard it is to carve out time for personal growth, I have the same issues. We have the distractions of Eid cookie making and visiting family, a job, shopping, the fact that there are always people around talking, smoking, chatting, etc. Each of us has a million reasons why it’s hard to spend 10 mins to sit and think about our strengths and how we can bring them into our lives a fresh. Day 1: The Journey Our goals for today are to: Knowledge Vault Please use this category to share knowledge about Strengths, positive psychology, tips and tricks and other helpful bits of information. Day 7 - The Importance of Being Earnest Today is the final day. We wont do anything fancy, give a bunch of homework or anything like that. Today is about the importance of being earnest. Wrap Up Day Please share your feedback here: Questions/Answers Please use this area to ask and answer questions that might come up during this week. I will do my best to answer your questions and I encourage people to share questions and answers with each other! Day 2: 10 ideas
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